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Northwest Florida Roads

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District Three Virtual Meetings

FDOT office in Chipley

District Three Virtual Meetings

virtual meeting imageFDOT is providing more ways to collect the public's input about proposed and soon-to-begin construction projects. We are now offering a virtual option to our public hearings and meetings. In addition to a physical location to see displays and speak with staff, a GoToWebinar ® meeting will also be offered. For the in-person meetings to comply with local ordinances, face coverings will be required and social distancing is mandatory. In addition, sanitizing stations will be setup and we will clean between visitors.

List of Virtual Meetings

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4/4/2023 Leon Resurfacing HPM US 90 (West Tennessee Street) from west of CR 1581 (Aenon Church Road) to Ocala Road
3/31/2023 Bay PD&E HPM US 98 from west of Phillips Inlet Bridge to SR 79
3/16/2023 Walton Construction HPM US 98 widening from Mack Bayou Road to CR 30A West
2/8/2023 Escambia Design VPU SR 296 (Brent Lane/Bayou Boulevard) from SR 291 (Davis Highway) to Baisden Road
1/31/2023 Escambia Design VPU SR 10A (Scenic Highway) from south of Hyde Park Road to south of SR 8 (I-10)
12/15/2022 Escambia PD&E HPH SR 297 (Pine Forest Road) from south of I-10 to north of CR 297A
11/15/2022 Escambia Design VPU SR 289 (9th Avenue) from SR 742 (Creighton Road) to CR 290 (Olive Road)
11/10/2022 Bay Design HPM SR 75 (US 231) at Pipeline Road Intersection Improvements
10/26/2022 Leon Design VPU US 90 (Mahan Drive) from US 319 (Capital Circle) to east of CR 1568 (Buck Lake Road)
10/19/2022 Jefferson Design VPU US 19 (North Jefferson Street) from US 90 (Washington Street) to the Georgia state line
10/4/2022 Leon Construction VPU SR 263 (Capital Circle) from CR 2203 (Springhill Road) to SR 371 (Orange Avenue)
8/18/2022 Okaloosa Design HPM SR 30 (US 98) from west of Josie Road to west of Brooks Bridge
8/16/2022 Escambia Design HPM SR 95 (US 29) North Palafox Street from end of concrete pavement to SR 296 (Brent Lane)
7/20/2022 Leon Design VPU Capital Circle from US 27 (Apalachee Parkway) to Park Avenue
6/29/2022 Bay Design VPU SR 30 (US 98) from west of Canal Parkway to Gulf County line
6/22/2022 Gadsden Design VPU US 90 (Blue Star Highway) at Dover Road intersection
6/21/2022 Holmes Widening HPM SR 79 (Waukesha Street) from south of SR 8 (I-10) to SR 10 (US 90)
4/28/2022 Okaloosa Construction COH I-10 at Antioch Road Interchange
3/15/2022 Okaloosa, Santa Rosa PD&E HPH I-10 from west of Avalon Boulevard to east of SR 85
2/24/2022 Walton Design HPM US 98 Intersection Improvements at US 331
2/23/2022 Bay PD&E VPU US 98 from west of Phillips Inlet Bridge to SR 79
2/22/2022 Escambia PD&E VPU SR 297 (Pine Forest Road) from south of I-10 to north of CR 297
2/15/2022 Okaloosa, Santa Rosa PD&E VPU I-10 from west of Avalon Boulevard to east of SR 85
2/3/2022 Walton Design VPU US 98 Intersection Improvements at US 331
1/27/2022 Bay Widening HPH US 98 (SR 30A) Panama City Beach Parkway from Mandy Lane to Hathaway Bridge
11/30/2021 Okaloosa PD&E HPH SR 85 (S. Ferdon Blvd) from SR 123 (Roger J. Clary Hwy) to Mirage Ave
11/16/2021 Santa Rosa Design VPU SR 10 (US 90) from west of SR 281 (Avalon Boulevard) to east of SR 87 (Stewart Street)
11/16/2021 Bay PD&E HPH SR 389 (East Ave) from SR 30 (US 98B) 5th St to south of CR 2337 (Sherman Ave)
11/10/2021 Leon Design VPU SR 155 (Meridian Road) from SR 61 (Thomasville Road) to CR 63A (Lakeshore Drive)
11/9/2021 Okaloosa Design HPM SR 188 (Racetrack Road) at Mar Walt Drive and Denton Boulevard Intersections
11/4/2021 Walton Design HPM US 331 & US 90 Intersection Modifications
10/7/2021 Escambia Design VPU SR 298 (Lillian Highway) from north of SR 30 (US 98) to east of SR 727 (Fairfield Drive)
9/16/2021 Jefferson Multi-Use Trail HPM SR 57 (US 19) Multi-Use Trail
9/8/2021 Bay Design HPH SR 75 (US 231) from SR 30A (US 98) 15th Street to north of Pipeline Road
8/25/2021 Escambia Design VPU SR 10A (US 90) Mobile Highway from Nine Mile Road to Pine Forest Road
8/16/2021 Okaloosa Construction VPU SR 85 from north of SR 123 to Hospital Drive
8/3/2021 Bay Design VPU SR 390 over Mill Bayou
7/29/2021 Leon PD&E HPH SR 371/373 (Orange Ave) from Capital Cir to S Monroe St
7/28/2021 Bay Design VPU US 98 from east of Nautilus St to east of Jackson Blvd
7/27/2021 Leon Design VPU Miccosukee Road Bridge Replacement
6/30/2021 Santa Rosa Design-Build VPU SR 30 (US 98) from Bayshore Road to Portside Drive
6/24/2021 Leon PD&E HPH I-10 east of Capital Cir to west of SR 59 (Gamble Rd)
6/8/2021 Calhoun PD&E VPU SR 20 Trammell Bridge
5/20/2021 Gadsden, Leon PD&E HPH I-10 from west of US 90 to west of SR 263 (Capital Cir NW)
5/6/2021 Santa Rosa Design-Build VPU SR 30 (US 98) from Bayshore Road to Portside Drive
4/20/2021 Walton PD&E HPH SR 20 from Okaloosa Co line to Washington Co
4/6/2021 Escambia PD&E HPH I-10 east of Alabama state line to west of SR 85 (US 29)
3/30/2021 Escambia PD&E HPH SR 292 (Sorrento Rd / Gulf Beach Hwy) from Blue Angel Pkwy to Navy Blvd
3/18/2021 Escambia PD&E HPH I-10 at Beulah Road (SR 99) Interchange
3/18/2021 Okaloosa Bridge VAW Brooks Bridge Replacement
2/11/2021 Escambia Construction VPU SR 289 (9th Avenue) over Carpenters Creek Bridge
2/9/2021 Bay PD&E VPU SR 30 (US 98) Dupont Bridge
1/14/2021 Okaloosa Design VPU SR 20 (John Sims Pkwy) from Edge Ave to west of Rocky Bayou Bridge
1/12/2021 District-wide n/a HPH D3 Work Program (FY 2022-2026)

Meeting Types: COH - Construction Open House; DHM - Design Hybrid Meeting; HPH - Hybrid Public Hearing; HPM - Hybrid Public Meeting; VAW - Virtual Aesthetic Workshop; VPU - Virtual Project Update


Public participation is solicited without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, disability or family status. For additional information please contact the Equal Opportunity Office.

If you need special accommodations under the American with Disabilities Act or require translation services (free of charge) please contact the person listed in the notice at least seven days before the meeting.

Persons wishing to express concerns regarding Title VI may do so by contacting FDOT District 3 Title VI Coordinator, Alicia Brininger, in writing at Post Office Box 607, Chipley, Florida 32428, via telephone at 1-888-638-0250, extension 1502, or email at