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Northwest Florida Roads

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SR 292 PD&E Study - Blue Angel Pkwy to Fairfield Drive

FDOT office in Chipley
Project photo

Project Details

SR 292 PD&E Study - Blue Angel Parkway to Fairfield Drive and Fairfield Drive to Navy Boulevard.

This study also includes FPID# 218493-2 Fairfield Drive to Navy Boulevard, 1.8 miles.

This project’s need is to improve capacity, operational, and multi-modal issues on SR 292 (Sorrento Road/Gulf Beach Highway) in Escambia County. This project will implement an alternative that will “best fit” on the existing alignment and provide multi-modal solutions.

This roadway is currently operating at an unacceptable Level of Service (LOS), LOS F and has a crash rate higher than the statewide average for similar type roadways. The study will investigate the following: • Widening the existing corridor from two (2) to four (4) lanes. • Enhancing multi-modal features such as bicycle lanes, sidewalks, and transit features. • Increasing roadway safety. • Minimizing environmental and social impacts due to the above improvements.

Project also includes: SR 292 (Gulf Beach Highway) from Fairfield Drive to Navy Boulevard

Project Number 218493-2

Work Type PD&E Study

Project Length 1.892 miles

Note: All information is preliminary and subject to change without notice.

Project Overview

Project Number 218493-3
Work Type PD&E Study
Project Limits
from Blue Angel Pkwy to Navy Blvd
Project Length 5 Miles
Estimated Completion Fall 2021
Project Manager Sherry Alaghemand

Project Documents

Affected Areas

Roads SR 292, Sorrento Road, Gulf Beach Highway
Counties Escambia
Cities Pensacola

Public Meetings


Sherry Alaghemand

Data current as of 02/14/2022